Ella Wheeler Wilcox from 1884-1900
Photographs, portraits, paintings, and drawings
of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, her family and homes.
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The Wilcox home on Colony Street in Meriden, Connecticut. 
From The Worlds and I.
"Ella Wheeler at the time of her marriage..."  
From The Worlds and I.
Ella pregnant with Robert Wilcox Junior, her only child, who was born and died on May 27, 1887. 
Photo from J.F.Green studio, Meriden, CT.
Hotels in New York City. Including the St. Albans and the Everett House. 
After the death of their only baby, they moved to New York City in 1887. They started summering in Short Beach, CT in 1890. 
"For six months of each year, from November to May, Mr. and Mrs. Wilcox have resided in the Metropolis and from May to November in their summer home, 'The Bungalow,' Short Beach, Conn., a few miles east of Yale College." [The Story of a Literary Career]
From Prominent Men and Women of the Day. 
"Ella looks younger than she really is. Her figure is slight and girlish, and her head is crowned with red-brown hair."
From Maurine and other poems
"Photoelectrotype Eng. Co. N.Y."
From The Worlds and I
"Rockwood Phot. N.Y."
Late 1880s. 
"...as she looked in those intoxicating days...[in their] little New York apartment..." 
From The Worlds and I.
Ella in 18891889. 
From The Worlds and I.
Late 1880s? 
From Poems of Passion.

From Women are here to stay. [1949].

Ella probably in her 30s[No date].  
From American Women [a revised edition of Woman of the Century].
From Sun & Shade 24 (August 1890). 
11 3/4" x 13 3/4" 
from a negative by Rockwood.
5 1/2 x 8
Signed cabinet card from Rockwood studio. Signature dated October 1897.
The Bungalow, Short Beach, Connecticut
Ella and Robert ususally spent the summer here and the winter in New York City. This was the home they were fondest of and that is most well known. 
"When Robert retired in 1906 [1904 in some sources] this seacoast haven became their permanent home." [The Milton House Museum Historic Site, Milton, Wisconsin
1896. Late 1890s? 
Cabinet card from Rockwood, 17 Union Square, New York, NY.
From How Salvator won & other recitations.
From An Erring Woman's Love
"Rockwood, Photo."
From The Worlds and I.
From The Worlds and I.
From Maurine and Other Poems
A slightly different pose than the previous photograph. 
Copyright 1895 by Rockwood.
Drawing from life, Ella at 45.1897
Drawings by Arthur Young. From Authors' Readings. 
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Ella in New York[no date].  
Ella in New York. 
From Period Piece : Ella Wheeler Wilcox and her times.
From "The Appeal of James Whitcomb Riley" 
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