Every-day Thoughts in Prose and Verse
by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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My Creed.
    I am asked by a correspondent to give my "relig-
ious denomination," my "political party," and
my "school of ethics."
    My creed is, Do as you would be done by every
hour of every day of every week of every year.
This includes our relations with home, society, and
the masses of people encountered in the daily walks
of life.
    The simplicity of this creed renders it extremely
difficult to follow.  One which requires devotion to
churches and forms of worship once or twice a week
is much easier.
    To my idea, God is the essence and manifestation
of love.  I fear wrong thinking and wrong doing
because it hinders my growth toward the divine
standard, and not because I think God will be angry or
revengeful if I err.  I cannot conceive of any angry
God.  He seems to me infinite patience, pity, and
love for all created things.
    I believe the spirit of man has always existed and
always will exist; that it passed through innumer-
able forms and phases of life, and that which it
leaves undone in one incarnation must be accom-
plished in another.
    I believe in the laws of cause and effect, and that
each soul must work out its own destiny; that guar-
dian angels of unseen beings in a more advanced
state of existence endeavor to aid and help us
through this world.  They are messengers of the
    I believe in the power of prayer and assertion, and
in the strength of spirit to dominate matter and
    My religion teaches me that it is demanded of us
to be of constant assistance to one another in small
ways, but that it is wrong to assume another's
entire burden or to attempt to take all difficulties
from his path. That interferes with his develop-
ment.  It is for us to cheer, stimulate, and encourage,
but not to do the work given to another to perform.
    I believe that every act of yours and mine affects
all of humanity.  There is no such thing as a sepa-
rate life.  We are all one.  If you send out thoughts
of despondency, hatred and envy, if you plan
revenge or suicide, you are interfering with the
harmony of the universe, besides inviting certain
misfortunes to yourself.  If you think love, hope, and
helpfulness, you are aiding the cause of universal
happiness and success.
    Thoughts are things, full of electric force, and
they go forth and produce their own kind.
    I believe that God is infinite wisdom, and that
evil is only blind ignorance.
    So occupied have I been all my life trying to live
up to my creed, that I have never found time to
decide upon a political party or school of ethics.
    I do not understand politics, and, like many other
ignorant people, I, in this instance, have small
respect for the thing I fail to understand.
    But I believe in co-operative methods of business
and in the public ownership of large industries.
I have not the kind of brain which formulates the
plans for such results, but I have the foresight which
sees their certain approach.
        THE CREED
    Whoever was begotten by pure love
    And came desired and welcomed into life,
    Is of immaculate conception.  He
    Whose heart is full of tenderness and truth,
    Who loves mankind more than he loves himself,
    And cannot find room in his heart for hate,
    May be another Christ.  We all may be
    The Saviors of the world if we believe
    In the divinity which dwells in us
    And worship it, and nail our grosser selves,
    Our tempers, greeds, and unworthy aims
    Upon the cross.  Who giveth love to all,
    Pays kindness for unkindness, smiles for frowns,
    And lends new courage to each fainting heart
    And strengthens hope and scatters joy abroad.
Every-day thoughts in prose and verse. by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago: W. B. Conkey Company, 1901.
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