Mal moulée : a novel. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox 

 New York : London: G.W. Carleton & Co. ; S. Low, Son & Co., 1886. 
 296 p. ; 19 cm.

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   It is more than two years since the outline of this simple story first suggested itself to me, and since the first chapters were written.
   Many times since then, conscious that I possessed no talent as a novelist, I have resolved to abandon the work.  Yet an unaccountable and mysterious impulse (which no doubt my severe critics will declare as unfortunate, as unaccountable) compelled me to complete it.
   I have attempted no fine descriptions, no rare word-paintings, no flights of eloquence.  These things lie not within my province.  As simply and briefly as possible, I have endeavored to relate such events as occur almost daily in our midst.
   In Percy Durand, I have described, and possibly, somewhat idealized, a type of man to be found in any of the cities of America.
   In Dolores King, the unfortunate and undesired offspring of a loveless marriage fletrie avant sa naissance.
   In Helen Maxon, my ideal of
"The perfect woman, nobly planned
 To counsel, comfort and command."
   In my selection of a title, I could find no suitable English term which would express the meaning I wished to convey in unison with the leading idea in the book.  Therefore, I was obliged, not without reluctance, to use a French term.
   To avoid many personal inquiries, I would say, in the beginning, that while I have known nearly all the experiences herein related to occur, in actual life, I do not, at the present time, know of any person or persons who answer to the characters I have created.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Meriden, Ct., December 1885.


  1. Two Girls
  2. Two Girls and a Doll
  3. A Fatal Impress
  4. A Startling Valedictory
  5. A Young Cynic
  6. A Mother's view of "Women's Rights."
  7. The Lovely Cynic meets her Fate
  8. Sweet Danger
  9. Journalistic Discussions
  10. A Discourse on Suicide
  11. A Freak of Fate
  12. An Exciting Ice-boat Adventure
  13. A Star Falls
  14. One Man and One Woman
  15. Sudden Flight
  16. A Man and Two Women
  17. A Man, a Woman, and Spirits
  18. Apples of Sodom
  19. A Story and a Revelation
  20. The Harvest of Tares
  21. A Strange Marriage
  22. Dead in her Bed
  23. Bitter Sweet

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