How is it that men pray their earthly lot
    May be 'content and happiness'? Dire foes
    Without one common trait which kinship shows
I hold these two. Contentment comes when sought,
While Happiness pursued was never caught.
    But, sudden, storms the heart with mighty throes
    Whenceforth, mild eyed Content affrighted goes,
To seek some calmer heart, less danger fraught.

Bold Happiness knows but one rival--Fear;
    Who follows ever on his footsteps, sent
    By jealous Fate who calls great joy a crime.
While in far ways 'mong leaves just turning sere,
With gaze serene and placid, walks Content.
    No heart ere held these two guests at one time.

Yesterdays. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
London: Gay & Hancock, 1916.

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