Do you remember that glorious June
    When we were lovers, you and I?
Something there was in the robin's tune,
    Something there was in earth and sky,
That was never before, and never since then.
           I wonder why.

Do you remember the bridge we crossed,
    And lingered to see the ships go by,
With snowy sails to the free winds tossed?
    I never pass that bridge but I sigh
With a sense at my heart as of something lost.
           I wonder why.

Do you remember the song we sung,
    Under the beautiful starlit sky?
The world was bright, and our hearts were young--
    I cannot forget though I try and try.
How you smiled in my eyes while the echoes rung.
           I wonder why.

Do you remember how debonair
    The new moon shone when we said good-bye?
How it listened and smiled when we parted there?
    I shall hate the new moon until I die--
Hate it for ever, nor think it fair.
           I wonder why.

Yesterdays. By Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
London: Gay & Hancock, 1916.

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