When first I looked upon the face of pain
  I shrank repelled, as one shrinks from a foe
  Who stands with dagger poised, as for a blow.
I was in search of Pleasure and of gain.
I turned aside to let him pass; in vain—
  He looked straight in my eyes and would not go.
  “Shake hands!” he said; “our paths are one, and so
We must be comrades on the way, ’tis plain.”

I felt the firm clasp of his hand on mine ;
  Through all my veins it sent a strengthening glow ;
  I straightway linked my arm in his, and lo !
He led me forth to joys almost divine—
  With God’s great truths enriched me, in the end,
  And now I hold him as my dearest friend.

The Sunny South [Atlanta] 18 Aug. 1883: 5.

Courtesy of John M. Freiermuth.

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