High o'er the clouds a sunbeam shone,
   And far down under him,
With a subtle grace that was all her own,
   The mist gleamed fair and dim.

He looked at her with his burning eyes,
   And longed to fall at her feet;
Of all sweet things there under the skies
   He thought her the thing most sweet.

He had wooed oft, as a sunbeam may,
   Wave and blossom and flower,
But never before had he felt the sway
   Of a great love's mighty power.

Tall cloud mountains and vast-space seas,
   Wind and tempest and fire,
What are obstacles such as these
   To a heart that is filled with desire!

Boldly he trod over cloud and star,
   Boldly he swam through space,
She caught the glow of his eyes afar
   And veiled her delicate face.

The Mist grew pale with a vague, strange fright,
   As fond yet fierce he came,
He was so strong and he was so bright,
   And his breath was a breath of flame.

Close to his heart she was clasped and kissed,
   She swooned in love's alarms:
And dead lay the beautiful pale-faced mist
   In the sunbeam's passionate arms.

Poems of sentiment by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago, IL : W. B. Conkey Company, c1906.

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