About a holy shrine or sacred place
    Where many hearts have bowed in earnest prayer,
The loveliest spirits congregate from space,
    And bring their sweet uplifting influence there.

If in your chamber you pray oft and well,
    Soon will these angel messengers arrive
And make their home with you, and where they dwell
    All worthy toil and purposes shall thrive.

I know a humble plainly furnished room,
    So thronged with presences serene and bright,
The heaviest heart therein forgets its gloom
    As in some gorgeous temple filled with light.

Those heavenly spirits, beauteous and divine,
    Live only in an atmosphere of prayer;
Make for yourself a sacred, fervent shrine,
    And you will find them swiftly flocking there.

Poems of sentiment by Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Chicago, IL : W. B. Conkey Company, c1906.

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