Ella Wheeler Wilcox book prices

Summary 6/28/99

  Title Average
Ambitious Man   $18.98
The Beautiful Land of Nod    $60.50
Blossoms   $80.00
Collected Poems of Ella Wheeler Wilcox   $32.94
Custer and other poems   $52.42
Erring woman's love   $47.92
Every-day thoughts in prose and verse   $70.50
How Salvator Won and other recitations   $21.40
Kingdom of love and How Salvator Won   $25.13
Mal Moulee    $40.00
Maurine and other poems   $26.60
Men, Women and emotions   $13.69
More Poems   $3.25
New Thought Common Sense & What Life Means to me   $24.00
Poems   $31.80
Poems of Cheer   $16.00
Poems of Love   $41.51
Poems of Passion   $32.10
Poems of Passion and Pleasure   $595.00
Poems of Pleasure   $31.31
Poems of Power   $45.50
Poems of Progress and new though pastels   $42.00
Poems of Reflection   $29.17
Poems of Sentiment   $25.00
Poetical Works   $13.75
Sailing Sunny Seas   $22.50
Sonnets of Sorrow and Triumph    $40.00
Sweet Danger    $34.17
The Heart of the new thought   $16.17
The Other Woman's Husband   $30.00
Three Women   $29.52
Was it suicide?   $93.00
Whatever is, is best   $5.00
Woman of the world   $76.25
Worlds and I   $18.50
Average Ella Book   $32.79

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Last Updated on 6/28/99
By Rich Edwards